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Support Instructional Designer

Samsara Mexico City, Mexico Full Time Remote Job

The position of Instructional Designer II is based in Mexico City, Mexico, where the incumbent will contribute to the global operations of Samsara, a company at the forefront of IoT and connected operations.  read more

3 weeks ago
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Technical Certification Manager

Stripe US-Remote Full Time Remote Job

The position of Technical Certification Manager is US-Remote, offering the opportunity to work with Stripe, a significant player in the Fintech industry, from anywhere within the United States. This remote role allows for flexibility and the chance to contribute to the company's mission of expanding the GDP of the internet from the comfort of one's own location.

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Sr. Technical Curriculum Developer

LaunchDarkly Remote - US Full Time 133,000 - 156,000 USD Remote Job

This remote position offers the opportunity to work with a diverse team across EMEA and North America, contributing to LaunchDarkly's global impact in the software development sector from any location within the US.

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Senior Enablement Specialist - eLearning

Samsara Remote - US Full Time 104,584 - 153,800 USD Remote Job

This remote position in the US allows for a flexible work environment while contributing to Samsara's mission of improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of operations through IoT technology.

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Curriculum Developer

Stripe AMER - Remote OR Chicago Full Time Remote Job

The Curriculum Developer role offers flexibility with remote work options or the possibility to be based in Chicago. This allows for a diverse range of candidates from across the AMER region to contribute to Stripe's educational initiatives.


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