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Senior Brand Designer

Samsara Remote - UK Full Time Remote Job

The Senior Brand Designer position is a remote role within the UK, offering the opportunity to contribute to the digital transformation of industries that form the backbone of the global economy, all from the comfort of one's chosen work environment.  read more

4 days ago
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People Partner - Hardware Engineering and Operations

Samsara Atlanta, GA Full Time 131,200 - USD Remote Job

The People Partner position is based in Atlanta, GA, and is part of Samsara's dynamic team that drives the digital transformation of physical operations through IoT innovations.

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Content Designer, Payments

Stripe US San Francisco, US New York City, US Seattle, US Remote, Canada Full Time Remote Job

The Content Designer position is available in various locations including San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, remotely within the US, and Canada, offering flexibility and the opportunity to work with Stripe's Payments team.

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UX and Web Designer - Remote

Aurora Ontario, Canada Full Time Remote Job

The UX and Web Designer position is a remote role open to candidates anywhere in Canada, specifically mentioning Ontario as a job location, allowing for a flexible work environment within the Health Tech sector.

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UX Research Intern

Samsara San Francisco, CA Internship Remote Job

The UX Research Intern position is based in San Francisco, CA, where Samsara's innovative IoT solutions contribute to the thriving tech scene. The role involves on-site collaboration, offering a unique opportunity to impact industries and work within a vibrant city known for its technology leadership.


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