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Research Scientist, Discovery Team

DeepMind London, UK Full Time

The Research Scientist role at Google DeepMind is focused on designing, implementing, and evaluating models and software prototypes for AI agents, with an emphasis on creativity, strong algorithm-design, and programming skills.  read more

1 day ago
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ATLAS Trigger Reconstruction using AI/ML (EP-ADT-2024-54-GRAP)

CERN Geneva, Switzerland Full Time

The Research Scientist position focuses on the development of advanced trigger systems using AI/ML. Responsibilities include simulation of trigger selections, estimation of trigger rates, and the creation of new algorithms to enhance the muon trigger's robustness and efficiency in detecting rare and exotic particles.  read more

1 day ago
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Research Associate, Immunology

Exscientia Oxford, England, United Kingdom Full Time

The Research Associate position in immunology at Exscientia involves laboratory operations, cell-based assay generation, and translational research to support the company's immuno-oncology and immunology portfolio.  read more

4 days ago
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Machine Learning/Computer Vision Scientist Intern (PhD)

Samsara San Francisco, CA Internship 143,500 - USD Remote Job

The position seeks a PhD intern to work on ML/CV applications, requiring experience with ML tools and programming languages, and offering the opportunity to impact industries crucial to the global economy through data-driven solutions.  read more

1 week ago
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Model Teacher, Technical (Contract)

OpenAI San Francisco, CA Full Time Contract

The Model Teacher position requires a blend of programming proficiency, particularly in Python, and the ability to create and edit high-quality data. Candidates should have strong writing skills and a passion for crafting user-centric AI interactions.  read more

1 week ago
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Senior/ Staff Machine Learning Research Scientist, Autonomy Generalist

Nuro, Inc. Mountain View, California (HQ) Full Time 202,350 - 303,050 USD

The Senior/Staff Machine Learning Research Scientist, Autonomy Generalist at Nuro is expected to address complex machine learning challenges, develop new models, and deploy practical solutions in the domain of autonomous vehicles, requiring expertise in AI, deep learning, and robotics.  read more

1 week ago
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Machine Learning Research Scientist, Autonomy Generalist

Nuro, Inc. Mountain View, California (HQ) Full Time 167,200 - 250,800 USD

The Machine Learning Research Scientist role at Nuro is geared towards individuals with a strong background in AI, particularly in machine learning and deep learning, applied to the field of robotics and autonomous systems. The candidate will engage in cutting-edge research to solve complex problems in autonomy and machine learning, with a focus on practical deployment in autonomous vehicles.  read more

1 week ago
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Research Scientist, Robotics - MTV

DeepMind Mountain View, California, US Full Time 133,000 - 240,000 USD

The Research Scientist role at Google DeepMind is geared towards individuals with a PhD in a technical field or equivalent practical experience, possessing knowledge of machine learning research. Responsibilities include designing models for robotic agents, presenting research findings, and collaborating with teams to achieve research goals.  read more

1 week ago
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Postdoctoral Researcher - Machine Learning, Interatomic Potentials

SandboxAQ Remote, USA; Remote, Europe Full Time Remote Job

The postdoctoral researcher role at SandboxAQ is centered around the development and application of machine learning techniques in chemistry and structural biology, with a special focus on equivariant machine learning potentials and the integration of quantum physics principles.  read more

1 week ago
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Research Scientist, Immunology (12month FTC)

Exscientia Oxford, England, United Kingdom Full Time Contract

The Research Scientist role at Exscientia involves designing and executing studies for target validation in immunology, working with human primary immune cells, and developing in vitro assays. Candidates should possess a Ph.D. in Biology or Immunology, or equivalent experience, and have a practical understanding of various assay technologies.  read more

1 week ago
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Technical Support Scientist - Contractor

10x Genomics Pleasanton, California, USA HQ Full Time

The Technical Support Scientist contractor at 10x Genomics is tasked with providing technical advice, troubleshooting assistance, and scientific guidance for the company's products, as well as developing technical content and managing customer feedback to enhance the Customer Experience.  read more

1 week ago
Quandela logo

Quantum Information Scientist (Modelling)

Quandela Massy, Île-de-France, France Full Time

The Quantum Information Scientist at Quandela will focus on developing models for quantum emitters and collaborating with hardware teams to enhance photonic quantum computing platforms. A strong background in quantum optics, spin physics, and a proven research track record are essential for this role.  read more

2 weeks ago
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People Research Scientist

Stripe San Francisco, CA OR New York, NY OR Seattle, WA OR Remote North America Full Time Remote Job

The People Research Scientist at Stripe is responsible for applying qualitative and quantitative research methods to generate insights that inform the company's people processes and strategies. This position requires a Master's or Doctoral degree in a field related to human behavior at work and at least five years of experience in organizational research.  read more

2 weeks ago
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Quantum Programming Researcher

HRL Laboratories Calabasas, CA Full Time 132,765 - 165,983 USD

The role of a Mathematician in the Quantum Programming group at HRL requires expertise in designing, developing, and maintaining quantum computing software, with a strong background in mathematical algorithm research and programming languages such as Common Lisp and Python.  read more

2 weeks ago
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Applied Scientist Intern (PhD)

Samsara San Francisco, CA Internship Remote Job

The Applied Scientist Intern role at Samsara is designed for PhD students with a focus on building and optimizing machine learning models. The intern will engage with large-scale data from IoT devices and collaborate across teams to translate customer needs into ML solutions.  read more

2 weeks ago

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