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Senior Manager, Facilities & Work Place Operations

Cruise LLC San Francisco, CA Full Time 144,100 - 211,900 USD

The Senior Manager, Facilities & Workplace Operations at Cruise will oversee and enhance facility operations across multiple locations, ensuring operational excellence and strategic management. This role requires a deep understanding of facility management, strategic planning, and leadership, aimed at improving productivity and efficiency in a dynamic work environment.  read more

17 hours ago
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Sr. Global Supply Manager - Software Partnership

Lucid Motors Newark, CA Full Time 163,020 - USD

The Sr. Global Supply Manager for Software Partnerships at Lucid Motors will handle the strategic sourcing and management of software commodities. Responsibilities include creating RFQs, negotiating contracts, and collaborating with engineering teams to integrate software in vehicle systems, ensuring Lucid's luxury electric vehicles are at the forefront of technological innovation.  read more

18 hours ago
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Sr. Supply Chain Planner (Falcon & Dragon)

SpaceX Hawthorne, CA Full Time 90,000 - 115,000 USD

The Senior Supply Chain Planner at SpaceX is responsible for the strategic and operational management of supply chains specifically for the Falcon rocket programs. The role requires advanced skills in sourcing strategies, risk management, and process optimization to ensure the effective production and launch of aerospace vehicles.  read more

19 hours ago
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Manager, HR

Lucid Motors Newark, CA Full Time 185,000 - USD

The HR Manager at Lucid Motors will play a crucial role in supporting the Research and Development teams by developing and implementing HR strategies that foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. Responsibilities include leading HR partners, advising on performance management, and driving diversity and inclusion initiatives within the company.  read more

20 hours ago
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Sr Global Supply Manager, EE Systems

Lucid Motors Newark, CA Full Time 163,020 - USD

The Sr. Global Supply Manager role at Lucid Motors focuses on managing the supply chain for EE Systems within the domains of Infotainment, Powertrain, and ADAS. Responsibilities include identifying and developing supplier relationships, negotiating contracts, and ensuring timely delivery of parts, which are critical for maintaining the production schedule of luxury electric vehicles.  read more

21 hours ago
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Manager, Professional Services

Stripe Chicago, IL or Remote Full Time 203,300 - 304,900 USD Remote Job

The Professional Services Manager at Stripe will oversee the implementation and integration of Stripe's financial services, ensuring that large and complex user needs are met. The role requires strong project management skills, technical understanding, and the ability to lead a diverse team.  read more

22 hours ago
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Production Coordinator (Launch) - Multiple Shifts

SpaceX Cape Canaveral, FL Full Time 40,000 - 60,000 USD

The Production Coordinator at SpaceX is tasked with managing inventory requests, maintaining production schedules, and ensuring the adherence to quality and specifications. This role requires interaction with various teams and handling multiple responsibilities to support efficient production processes.  read more

23 hours ago
Stripe logo

Incident Response Manager

Stripe Seattle, SF, US-Remote Full Time 180,200 - 270,300 USD Remote Job

The Incident Response Manager at Stripe plays a critical role in managing and resolving incidents with a high level of urgency and collaboration across multiple functions. This position requires strong leadership and technical skills to handle complex situations and drive the incident resolution process effectively.  read more

1 day ago
DeepMind logo

AGI Safety Manager

DeepMind London, UK Full Time

The AGI Safety Manager at Google DeepMind is responsible for collaborating with various teams to manage and mitigate risks associated with artificial general intelligence (AGI). This includes leading safety reviews, producing research and analysis, and developing best practices to ensure the responsible development of AI technologies.  read more

1 day ago
Tempus logo

Program Strategy and Operations Associate

Tempus Chicago, IL Full Time

The Program Strategy and Operations Associate at Tempus will support the Studies Program Leads in executing clinical studies. Responsibilities include integrating insights from various departments into study documents, supporting management functions, and developing tools for program management and financial reporting. This role is crucial for enhancing Tempus's partnerships and capabilities in delivering innovative projects.  read more

1 day ago
Commonwealth Fusion Systems logo

Senior Manager – Construction QA/QC

Commonwealth Fusion Systems Devens, MA Full Time

The Senior Manager – Construction QA/QC at Commonwealth Fusion Systems is tasked with overseeing the quality of construction for SPARC plant systems and tokamak final assembly. This role involves developing and implementing quality assurance specifications, conducting audits, and maintaining rigorous quality control throughout the construction process to meet stringent project specifications and regulatory standards.  read more

1 day ago
DeepMind logo

Operational Ethics and Safety Manager

DeepMind New York City, New York, US Full Time 139,000 - 214,000 USD

The Operational Ethics and Safety Manager at Google DeepMind is tasked with leading ethics and safety reviews of projects, collaborating with teams to assess societal implications of AI, and developing best practices for project governance. This role requires strong skills in ethical assessment and stakeholder management.  read more

1 day ago
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Technical Project Manager, Power Electronics

Lucid Motors Newark, CA Full Time 179,630 - USD

The Technical Project Manager at Lucid Motors will manage the engineering development of power electronics products for electric vehicles. This includes leading a cross-functional team, maintaining development timelines, and ensuring that all technical, supplier, and manufacturing issues are resolved to meet project deadlines.  read more

1 day ago
Quandela logo

Communication & Influence Project Management Intern

Quandela Massy, Île-de-France, France Internship

Quandela is seeking a Communication & Influence Project Management intern to support the development and implementation of HR communication strategies and Corporate Influence. The intern will collaborate with senior staff to optimize partnerships and enhance Quandela's visibility in both public and private sectors, focusing on strategic communication and project management.  read more

1 day ago
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Sr. Manager, Project Controls & Business Operations

Lucid Motors Newark, CA Full Time

The Sr. Manager, Project Controls & Business Operations at Lucid Motors will lead critical business areas such as Cost Control, Planning and Scheduling, and Risk Analysis. This role is pivotal in optimizing sustainable building projects and enhancing operational efficiency within the Facilities department.  read more

1 day ago

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